Importance of Travel

As you discover new artists and authors and do more in depth research into who they are and what their inspirations are you will often see destinations around the world that people draw inspiration from. This is for several reasons, often people feel a deep connection to the place or they are able to resonate on the beautiful work of others to help inspire them to be better.

For a personal example, I was in Italy  years ago, touring the beautiful country in the winter with no tourists is definitely the way to go. It allows you to have a much more personal connection with the destinations. During my time there I got experience amazing things like Rome and seeing the ancient history still standing in the city, I also ventured the to city of Pompeii which if you haven’t learned about suffered a terrible fate. During my time in Pompeii, which is now more of an archaeological dig site than a city, I saw the duality of everything in life. Places like the Colosseum have showed they are able to stand the test of time while in Pompeii you could argue the structural integrity is the same but the city was lost in the year 79 AD, and wasn’t unearthed until 1599. That is a huge piece of history the Italian people forgot about, buried under the ash.

If Rome had been hit by the volcanic ash a buried instead of Pompeii do you think it would have been dug out or left alone to sit and wait for 1500 years? I believe that Rome would have been uncovered as soon as they could. So that leaves the question do you take inspiration form Rome the gem of Italy and the Roman empire, or do you want to be the small town (11,000 population at the time of the eruption) that gets forgotten under the ash? The choice is always yours to make.



Thats me looking over the Foro (Forum) in Pompeii, the local intellectuals would gather here to argue politics.

not entertained.jpg

Myself again in the Colosseum in Rome, ignore the stupid pose. This was a huge foundation for Roman culture, watching men battle not only themselves but battle animals and its been thought they even had small naval battles within the ring.


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