Why I Write

Hey all just here with hopefully a little bit of inspiration. A lot of the time once you have been writing for a while you can feel like you don’t know what you’re talking about anymore or why, and that is perfectly okay. You ever taken a walk to go think and end up having walked pretty damn far? Its the same thing and more often than not when your pen strays on the paper its because its trying to clear up it thoughts. Everyone reaches points of turmoil in their life where things seem unclear and maybe even bleak, keep pushing. Keep that ink wet and the pages coming, put everything on that page like you’re taking that long walk, express your inner concerns about whatever before returning to your project.

It won’t be a day, well usually it won’t be. Our problems often stem from other problems and that means the problem was twice as big as you had thought. It’s okay, and in the words of the late Robin Williams “It’s not your fault” everyone hits those stressful periods, if you keep your head down and work through it your writing will be stronger at the end I promise. You will not only gain more experience but you will have moved their your issues in a way your brain can relate and solve which means your basic problem solving has been better. This also means that you have something else to write about and reflect on, internal struggle is a necessity for any great character, it shows depth and relatability. So keep your pen up, keep the pages coming and get ready for more fuel for that project.


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