Following Your Mentors

Today is a blog heavy day I feel,

We all started from somewhere right? Our drive to write has always been etched inside us of course but where did we find our inspiration from? Understanding this is essential, it makes us look into ourselves and examine what it is about that source of inspiration that connects us with them. To provide an example I write lyrics constantly, little notes here and there or full songs, and as I said in my bio I am heavily influenced by the Hip-Hop culture. So my inspirations come from artists like Tupac, Nas, N.W.A, Eminem, KRS One, Wu Tang, the list goes on (also I’m an old head when it comes to Hip-Hop meaning I focus more on the older styles), I draw from these artists because I can relate to their struggles and stories of poverty, witnessing drug addiction and wanting better for my community, there’s more of course but I won’t go to deep.

The point of this is to help you become a better writer you have to understand where your voice is coming from. My voice in most of my pieces comes from a struggling point of view, its where I feel my element where I can be emotionally connected to my work. So look back over those who inspire you, learn why you look up to these people and embrace that connection its how you want to present yourself.


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