Wheres it Going?



When you touch ink to paper or finger tip to key where is your story going? After all, all writing is a story so where is yours taking your reader or listeners? For example lets look at J Cole’s new album, the story behind the album, through and through it is a story, he tells the tale of his friend who is caught up in the street life selling drugs and eventually he has a daughter and at the end J Cole has to tell his friends daughter that her father did all of that in the street to give her a better life because it was all he could do. Story tells your readers what to feel and how to feel it. It tells your story or the stories you want people to know so remember your purpose behind your writing. Because no matter who reads it everyone will get some kind of understanding from it, what kind of influence do you want to leave? The reason Cole’s album is amazing is his commitment to the story and telling it with his feelings and his interpretation makes you feel his emotions as he is telling them, he makes you feel like you’re living his story.


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