Old School or New Tech?

Authors throughout time have always argued which is the best way to write, with your pen or pencil or on a machine. I’m going to look into the pros and cons of both.

Hand writing your work seems like its much more effort and it is. Its not because of the pen strokes and your wrist getting tired but because mentally as you write down your notes or lines you are etching them into your memory requiring more stops and technically a slower production speed. It give the piece a more intimate feeling (In my opinion) and allows the author to even get creative with the text to show where they want to apply emphasis and things like that. This also offers you the ability to write notes wherever on whatever pieces but be prepared for a good amount of scribbles because writing with ink that can’t be erased is a dangerous game.

As for new tech like laptops and computers or even phones or tablets, it means you will likely have faster production but will have a harder time remembering all the little details because you didn’t spend the time to physically mark down each letter. New tech however gives you the chance the write on a cleaner surface, no scribble marks or spill stains on a word document, it also allows for easier access than someone who is less than organized with their papers. Computers also offer faster transfers of files, with things like email or texting getting that chapter or script to a publisher is much easier than sending them 30 pages and you never have to worry about the postal service messing up!

To break it down it really is based on what you, as a writer, feel is best. You decide what is your comfort zone and what makes you feel more focused and connected to your piece. Having that connection and feeling safe about your work is always important, no one wants to be stressing out about anything let alone a project they have been crafting for months.

However don’t be afraid to try both, keep an open mind. If you are just giving it a shot from either side, don’t get frustrated just understand it has a different process. Going from writing on a computer to scribbling down your ideas on hard paper is a hard change, but the perks can be rewarding if you are organized and need a better memory for your work. Writing and changing to computers will can be much easier but may make you uncomfortable, there is less of a personal connection and you will have a hard time remembering every little detail, but if your thoughts move faster than hand can maybe take a crack at going digital, you never know it may surprise you! Which platform do you use? Have you tried switching before?


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