5 Tips For Better Writing

I’m gonna stick to the basics on this one, these aren’t huge secrets but if you don’t know them they will definitely help.

Don’t focus on what other people will think.

It seems so simple but honestly letting go of what others think can really be a tough obstacle to get over. But if you want to be a writer do it. Your writing is for YOU so f**k what they think anyways right?208840_1

So now you have forgotten about what other people think about it, now its really your time to shine.

Be Yourself

That’s right, another cliche but its true, you have to been feeling yourself in order to be confident in your work. If you aren’t being you, you’re trying to be someone else and that won’t get you anywhere.


(Obviously this applies to more than just Hip Hop but KRS One is one of my all time favorites.)

So forget those other lames, and do you. Seems easy enough right?

Writers Block Happens, Get Over It


You’re gonna hit walls over and over again, take a second away from the page, get some water, some food and then sit back down and get back to grindin’ no one successful has ever let a little brain cramp halt everything forever.

Write Everything

Anything and everything will improve your skills as a writer, from taking notes in class or on homework, to writing your own stories and lyrics. Everything is practice and if you aren’t practicing someone else is.


Ya’ll still with me? Good, I just have a few more things

Never Stop Reading

Yeah I know, reading sucks compared to a game of 2k, a movie, or pretty much anything else. I hate reading myself, but the vocabulary you learn, the art of story telling, even sentence structure is important to any writer. Books are also a great way to gain inspiration for any artist

to pull from. Your local library can be a vital tool for success.


I promise this will be the cheesiest I will ever be, but have

Have Fun With It

Always remember, your writing is for you, your writing is you. Writing is a reflection of self, so the more you let out and express the happier you will be and the more fun you can have with it with the better you get at it.

and as a bonus, rather than a picture I’ll give you one more tip that I like to personally use.


I don’t care who you are, whether you have been writing forever or just started a day ago, everyone is wack when they started off, Nas, Tupac, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Thoreau, EVERYONE was wack when they first scribbled on the page, keep at it, you will get better.

So that’s it, I meant for this to be shorter but this is how it ended up. I hope you all enjoyed this and find it helpful, nothin but love. -Simmons


Braintree MA

To give everyone a little info about myself, I grew up in Braintree Massachusetts, about 20 minutes south of Boston. The neighborhood I am from had people from all economic levels and from all different ethnicity’s. I will forever love my block Woodedge Ave I learned the most of my important life lessons on that block and I will always have love for it. 10 people in a 4 bedroom house, it was crazy but we made it work. Always remember your beginning.